Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Monday 6.29

After a short hiatus Makeover Monday is back!  It's always nice to go back over your teacher creations and give them an overhaul, especially when you have given them a test run and decided to add something new or change the look.

I made a MAJOR overhaul for this week's project.  Not only did I change up the cover, graphics, and fonts, but I also added a TON of new pages!

You can grab up this packet for 50% off this week!  Just click on the image below!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up

It's time for a summer stock up!  Everyone knows teachers don't ever stop planning, during this stock up you will be able to grab up some deals! 

Here are some pages from my interactive reading notebook packet! This packet can be used with any book and at any level.  It covers a ton of different skills like main idea, story elements, sequencing, retelling and more!  You can use the pages over and over many times throughout the year so you will get so much use out of this packet!

You can grab up a free portion of this packet by clicking on the image below!

Click on the image below to go grab up the full packet 50% off this weekend!

The next product I am going to share with you is a behavior clip chart!  You can use this as a behavior management tool in your classroom.  It's a clip chart with all the trimmings!  Students keep track of how many times they reach pink on the slip below.  Once they reach 10, they get to place their slip on the Wall of Fame (and you can give them a prize if you like!).  There are two calendars (you can pick which one you like best) for each month, slips to print on colored paper to send home, a Wall of Fame poster (in different color themes), the "I reached pink!" slip, the clip chart, and a color coded clip to place in students folders for parent reference.    Head on over to Facebook to grab up the sampler!

You can grab up the full packet on TpT for 50% off this weekend by clicking here!

What Are You Reading? Linky

I know many of you are relaxing either poolside or on a beach with a book you purchased several months ago and a perfect drink.  Others may be like me, traveling to and from little league games trying to squeeze in a chapter or two during practices or long distance games.  In either case, I would like to know, "What are you reading?"  Is it professional or pleasure?

I am currently taking classes for my administration license.  In my current class, we are reading John C. Maxwell's, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork.  If you are a teacher or educator who likes to lead or facilitate small collaboration groups, then this book is for you.
Chapter 6, The Law of the Catalyst, is my favorite chapter so far.  I started to think of some questions...

Catalysts are those people who "get it done" and then they get more done on top of that.  Are you one of those people?  Do you have someone like that in your building?

According to the book, the characteristics of a catalyst are those teachers who are... 

Now that I have you thinking...  How can you be more like a team leader?  I know that I can be more of a team leader by communicating better with those in my collaborative group.  I can be more encouraging by persevering through problems and working through them together positively.  Ultimately, our goal as teachers is to make a change while seeing growth in our students.  "In order to see a change, we must make a change" with our own teaching strategies and perceptions.

Now that I may have sparked your interest... 
The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork is an excellent and motivational resource for teachers who collaborate and work together.  What are you reading?  Link up below.  You can use the button below to use with your post.