Saturday, April 7, 2018

Grandparent's Literacy Night

Every year our school has a Grandparent's Breakfast. It is organized chaos. Every. Single. Year. We have tried different things each year. Grandparents don't pay, Grandparent's pay, every staff hand on deck, different grade levels coming at different times, on and on. But every year it is chaos.

This year our school is displaced. Our K-1 is in an old school that closed a few years ago. Our 2-3 is at a church about 10 blocks away, and our 4-5 is at another church about a mile away. This displacement had us thinking how would we do Grandparent's Breakfast? Everyone starts their day at the K-1 building then load transfer buses and go to their locations for the day. How were we going to house an extra 200 kids in this building for breakfast? So I suggested we do a Grandparent's Literacy Night. We had different stations for the Grandparent's to do with their Grandkids. Here are the stations we had for Grandparent's Literacy Night:

This idea came from a friend of mine. Grandparents and grandkids fill this out together. Grandparents answer the questions for when they were in elementary school. Then the kids answer the questions for themselves. My mother-in-law loved doing this with her granddaughter! Here are their answers:

At this station grandparents and grandkids see who can make the most words using the word grandparents. I printed and laminated the letters for them to use. 

I thought of this as a quick easy thing for kids to make. This ended up being everyones favorite station! I have to admit...I think I colored about 5 myself. As we were setting up, several teachers also made some bookmarks. 

I had a teacher at this station laminating the bookmarks for the kids as they finished them.

We always happen to have Grandparents Breakfast during Book Fair week. I know...great idea on our part. Grandparents can't say no...especially when its books!!

We also served cookies and punch along with our event. A wonderful time was had by all. Several Grandparents commented that they like this better than the breakfast because they got to spend more time with their grandkids. One even said their was much less waiting! All around we think it was a great night. Here is a link to all of these things for FREE!!!! Grandparents Literacy Night Freebie

Thursday, September 7, 2017

CVC Sound Boxes Freebie

Sound boxes are great  activities for beginning readers and writers!  They are pretty simple, to the point sound boxes that:
~help students segment the sounds in a word
~increase phonological awareness
~help students learn to decode words
~reinforce the short vowel sounds

You can make a set for each kid in your class, just a few sets to put out for early finishers, or use them as a station.  I spend time modeling how to use the sound boxes.  Modeling the direction and how to "push" the sounds with a spacer are important so that students get the most out of the activity.

I number each card in each set on the back with a flair pen before I laminate.  This helps keep kids from getting them mixed up when they are working together or when a loose card shows up we know which set it goes with.  

Finally, I just place the cards in a baggie with an eraser and dry erase marker.  My students keep them in their rainbow drawers.  This way they can pull them out when they finish something and need some meaningful independent work.  Each week as we learn new vowels, I add the new vowel but leave a few of the vowels we have worked on in the past in the baggie.

You can grab up the "short a" version of the boxes HERE for free!  

The whole set can be grabbed up by clicking HERE!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mini Math Booklets!

So many times, I am searching for ways to supplement my math curriculum with extra activities and opportunities for practice!  These booklets are designed to save you time as a teacher and to help you be flexible with your teaching! They have been a life saver some weeks!

~You choose how many pages you complete each day.
~You choose how you complete the activities... whole group, small group, independent work or in stations.
~Save paper by copying these half pages front to back.
~Forget multiple sheets of paper and copying every day... just copy once and you have activities for a week (or more!).
~Quickly check student progress by flipping through the booklet.
~Different types of activities to engage different types of learners!
~When your class has completed the booklet you can send it home to show parents what you have been working on.  Plus, you don’t have to place multiple copies in mailboxes... just one booklet per student!

There are many books to choose from!

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