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Monday, July 30, 2012

Made It Monday & Classroom Freebies Fun

I have been stalking following blogs for the last couple of days.  I have found some really cute and new blogs out there with great ideas!  But what's up with the post verification things.  Is it just me or are they getting worse?  It's like you have to cock your head to one side, get out the magnifying glass, and open/squint about 7 times and finally you see that oh yes that word is bubledwarfly.  And that really blurry half number zoomed in from the side of some apartment building in Bangladesh is 77.  Now I can post my one line comment about your cute teacher toolbox.

Anyway, I have also been making some curtains courtesy of some hemming tape and my iron that I can share for Made It Monday.     I did two different fabrics and I am going to alternate the colors.  Here is a picture of them in my doorway at home.  There is no ruffle at the top because I think this looks more modern and has straighter lines I realize my limitations when it comes to crafting.  The striped material is actually a flat twin sheet from Wal-Mart that was 5 dollars.  I got 4 curtains out of that one sheet so they were a $1.25 a curtain.  The yellow was more expensive, but still cheap.


Here are our freebies for Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies. Each of these items has a matching classroom theme set with labels, calendar sets and more. 


 Have a great Monday!