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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Bundle for Brady Fundraiser

Each year 4,000 children are born with Mitochondrial Disease and 2,000 more will develop the disease by the age of 10.  This is Brady's story and a way that you can help raise funds to find a cure for this disease.

When Brady was just 23 months old his fever spiked and his blood sugar dropped.  He was rushed to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma to stop the uncontrollable seizures he was experiencing.  From then on life changed for Brady and his family.  He was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, a disease that prevents the mitochondria of the cells from producing the energy that they need to function.  Brady's brain was affected and he had to relearn to hold up his head, sit up, crawl.  Brady is still 100% tube-fed and receives medication to control his seizures.   
We have both been lucky to have Brady as a student in our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms. 
Over the past two years, Brady and his family have taught his classmates and teachers so much about compassion, understanding, acceptance, and sacrifice.  One of his friends made sure to bring Brady a sucker for her birthday snack because she knew he couldn't eat the other snacks and didn't want him to be left out.  When he is out at a doctor's appointment the students (ALL of them) ask worriedly where he is and are visibly relieved to find out he is okay.  The kids are ever so careful when they see Brady being tube fed throughout the day, they know if they bump into Ms. Cindy (his aide) they could make a mess or pull out Brady's feeding tube. 

Brady is a fighter wrapped up in a tiny body.  Because Brady's mitochondrial disease affects his brain, he has to work twice as hard to do anything in class… has to think harder, concentrate more, practice more… and he never complains.  He's just like any other kid… he loves swimming, camping, playing baseball, RECESS (boy does this kid love his recess)… but he's also a kid who (with the help of his family, research, and medicines) is fighting a terminal illness whose research is underfunded.

We need a cure for Brady and kids like him who are suffering from this disease.  When you purchase this bundle the proceeds will be donated to The Energy for Life Walk in Brady's Honor which supports awareness and promotes research, treatments to finding a cure for mitochondrial disease. 

These generous teachers have donated some of their best products for this bundle….

If you would like to follow Brady's story you can do so by following his Facebook page or his UMDF page.
If you would like to learn more about Mitochondrial disease you can find more information at

Thank you for your support!

Stephany & Stephanie

Special thanks to Melonheadz Illustrating for creating our Brady & Mito Ribbon clipart!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Get Your Game On

More game ideas to come with this "Get Your Game On" Series on Primary Possibilities.

Endless Possibilities,
Stephanie and Stephany

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Week Ideas!

Here are some great ideas for Valentine's Day in the classroom!

My all time favorite book for Valentine's Day is "The Day it Rained Hearts"!  I read it every year because it is such a super sweet book.  I created these super easy to use printables to go along with the book...

You can download "The Day it Rained Hearts" unit by clicking below!

You can also whip up a Love Potion treat with this fun packet!

Here are some other great Valentine's Day Products you can grab up!



Happy Valentine's Day!

Secret Admirer Blog Hop!

I am teaming up with my friends over at Elementary Entourage for a fun link up!  We are all offering up a Valentine Treat or Card Freebie Printable for you to grab up just in time for Valentine's Day!  We all exchanged some gifts via the old snail mail to brighten each other's February and I was lucky enough to get a great gift card from Kim over at "For a Love of Teaching"...we share a love of coffee!  I can't wait to break into this with an iced Caramel Macchiato!

My Valentine's Day card is sure to make you "GLOW"!  All you need to do is print, cut and attach a glow stick and you are as good to glow go!  It's light on the colored ink and there are six to a page.  You can tape the glow stick to the back or use a hole puncher to make two holes and "thread" the glow stick through the holes.  Kids love glow sticks! 

You can download the freebie by clicking on the image below!

Make sure you check out the other downloads offered to find the perfect Valentine's Day card for you!