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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Fall!!

Fall Sale!

We are having a Fall Sale this weekend!  20% off in our TpT Stores!  Click our buttons to the right of this blog post.

Tanya Rae is also having a "Fall is Here" Giveaway!  Click the image below to go to her giveaway.  You will notice Stephany's Spooktacular Literacy Center & Station Activities and my Witches Brew and More Packet in her giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways...  We are having a giveaway here.  Click the image below to link to our giveaway.

We will be checking to see if you really followed or blogged about it, so use the honor system.  (wink wink)

Endless Possibilities,
Stephanie, Stephany, and Kathi

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fantabulous 500 Follower Flip-out!

We have finally reached the big 500 here on our blog and we are SUPER excited to be hosting a great giveaway featuring some awesome TpT sellers and their products.  You can also enter to win one of two TpT gift cards and an iTunes Gift Card!  Who can't use one of those?

We have so much great stuff to give away.  We have divided it into 3 different Rafflecopters!  You can enter all three Rafflecopters to increase your chances of winning!  The Fantabulous 500 Giveaway will end on October 12th so blog, pin, and enter away!

Rafflecopter #1 These TpT sellers are donating anything of your choice from their stores plus something from Stephany's store!  How awesome is that!  Enter down below!
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Rafflecopter #2 You can win an iTunes gift card and these TpT Seller are donating some great products from their stores and you get something from Stephanie's store!

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Rafflecopter #3  You can win a TpT gift card and these TpT sellers are donating some great products from their stores and you get a product from Kathi's store!

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Thanks for entering!!!
Stephanie, Kathi, and Stephany

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's TIME for CNN

I was reading the TpT Forum just a few minutes ago.  I read that Paul Edelman and Deanna Jump will be on CNN Thursday at 7pm EST.

So...  Set your DVR, TV, TiVo, or whatever it is you have!  I can not wait to watch the interview from Paul (founder of TpT) and Deanna.

The clock above is from my kindergarten classroom.  The numbers came from a free download.  Click here for the freebie from Kaia Tomokiyo.

I used blue poster board to create the large letters.  There are so many teaching points for this clock.  The 'cl' blend, 'ck' and even the minutes on the clock!  So, set your clock for 7pm Thursday for CNN.

Don't forget Stephany's Halloween Literacy Unit has been posted!  Click here for this amazing product!  I am having a classroom aide cut and laminate my copy tomorrow.

Endless Possibilities,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Witches Brew Unit

There are two things I wanted to blog about.  The first is not school related, but...  Did you see the Big Brother finale?  I really liked all three final house guests.  What did you think about the ending?

The second, I recently completed my Witches Brew Unit.  I am so excited to have it ready for Halloween!  Here is a preview.

Click here to link to my product.

Keep checking back, because Stephany (my colleague) is working on a massive Halloween Unit!  She showed me a preview today and it is amazing!  I can not wait until she posts it!  If you integrate small groups into your school day, then you will want to check back.  Stephany's unit includes literacy station and writing station activities for small groups and stations.

We are also working on our 500 follower giveaway!  We have some pretty amazing bloggers and TpT teachers who are contributing.  Stay tuned!!

Endless Possibilities,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Sale!!!

Fall is by far my favorite season.  I am spending Sunday putting out my massive amount of fall decorations at my house, I bought some Chai tea mix, and I am getting out all of my sweaters.  So it's the perfect time for a Fall Sale! Go check out our stores and grab up some of our units, assessments, and other products for 20% off! While you are there, make sure you download my Johnny Appleseed Freebie is his birthday this coming week!  The sale starts at midnight tonight and ends Sunday at midnight!  

Click on the graphic above to go check out Casey's post at Second Grade Math Maniac to see all of the sellers who are participating in the sale!  If you want to join in with your own, link up!  

Also, there are some great giveaways going on right now.  Click on the pictures below to go check them out!
(Starts Saturday Morning)
Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching
(Going on Now)
Happy Fall!