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Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Brain Food

It is time to think about summer break!  Now that I have a school-age child, I started thinking more and more about "summer lag".  I didn't want my son to loose all of the wonderful things that he has learned this year.  I knew that he would continue to read everyday, but I wanted him to continue to work on writing, language, and math also.  So I sat down and made a book of activities that he can do this summer.  The SUPER title is from my fellow blogger, Ms. Dillon!
Each day of the summer, there is a quick 5 minute activity that relates to the first grade Common Core Standards and each activity is half of a page. 

My child will be doing this booklet along with a writing practice book that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Thanks Growing Kinders!!
Of course he will also read every night at of the  disadvantages of having a reading teacher as a mother :)
Enjoy your summer!!

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