Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free (Part 2): Mini-Assessments

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Just like the cartoon above...  We teach, but how do we KNOW they "get it"?  Well, WE ASSESS!!  The most useful way for a teacher to "know" is by giving mini-assessments along the way.  I like giving 1 pre-test, mini test 1, mini test 2, mini test 3, then a post-test.  This is usually how I evaluate students and graph data.

Short, but frequent, mini-assessments are less time consuming and allow teachers to see a "snap-shot" along the way.

The three of us (Kathi, Stephany, and I) have created several mini-assessments to help evaluate students.  We have also correlated each assessment to Common Core standards.

The Common Core standards can be found here.  They are organized by grade level and subject area.  You can also download the standards in a pdf file.


I have created mini-assessments for several of the Common Core Standards.  Here are some free downloads for kindergarten.


I also have a several kindergarten mini-assessments for purchase.  They are listed here.


First Grade

Below are first grade mini-assessments for language arts and math assessments.   Included are assessments for 1.L.2a, 1.L.2c, 1.L.2b, 1.L.1e, 1.RF.2b, ALL first grade measurement standards, ALL first grade geometry standards, and the first four Operation and Algebraic Thinking standards.

Free Capitalization Mini-Assessment
Free "Comma in a Series and Date" Mini Assessment
Past, Present and Future Tense

Blending Phonemes

Second Grade
Here are mini assessments for second grade Common Core Math Standards.  They include ALL Geomerty Standards, ALL Numbers & Operations in Base Ten, ALL Operations & Algebraic Thinking and 2 of the Measurement & Data Standards.  I have started on the remaining Measurement & Data Standards. 


How do you manage assessing all the new Common Core Standards in your classroom?
Endless Possibilities, 
Stephani, Stephany, and Kathi


  1. I have my checklists ready to assess!

  2. Wow you all have some nice things for common core

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  3. Life will be much easier with these!

  4. I'm going to use checklists. Your packets will make assessing much easier!
    ~ Amy

  5. I have bought 2 common core assessment packets but I am trying to collect more so I have more than one opportunity. Love your idea of 3 mini assessments. Thanks for the freebies! I will check out the others!

  6. These look awesome! I'd love to win. I teach 2nd grade and our district started implementing a standards based report card a few years ago. These would fit in perfect for me.

  7. Hi! I am a new follower. I found your blog through Shuna P. from Pocket Full of Kinders. I enjoyed getting to "know" you from her Meet Someone New Sunday post. :)
    Feel free to visit my blog sometime.
    ~ Lisa
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

  8. Assessing all of these standards makes my head swim! I haven't quite wrapped my brain around how I am going to do it yet. These assessments will definitely help! Thank you!

  9. These assessments look great! They would certainly help make the testing part of my job easier!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  10. I think I misunderstood and replied to your email instead of in the comment box...if it is still possible, I would love the 1st grade Geometry assessment pack. It looks great!