Saturday, January 19, 2013

Student Learning Objectives

The teachers in our school post learning objectives on the white board daily.  Most teachers use dry erase markers to write the learning goals in student-friendly language.  The following video is an excellent visual of how a teacher engages her students.  She uses the term "SWBAT" for "students will be able to".  This one minute video shows how students recite the targeted goal for each subject daily.

The first grade learning objectives posted in the picture above include objectives for reading, language and math.  Ms. Dillon used colors to easily indicate subject areas.  Dry erase sentence strips are my best friend. (wink wink) As you can tell, many of our teachers use them for their student learning objectives.  The picture below is of a teacher who has objectives for many grade levels.  Mrs. Berry teaches Title One reading and math to students from first through 5th grade.  She has daily learning objectives for each grade displayed on the side of her filing cabinet.
The sentence strips can be purchased at Really Good Stuff.  They come in colored or white.  This site even offers sentence strips that are magnetic.

The following learning targets are posted in my kindergarten classroom.  My classroom is in a camping theme.  I used s'mores to indicate different subject areas.  I also have my students pretend to have an arrow and aim it at the target.  I say, "Where do we aim?"  Students say, " the target."
If you are interested in printing off a colored target for your learning target click here.  The link will take you to a free Google Doc of the following learning target in a super hero theme.  If you are able to use it in your classroom, please comment and tell me how you plan on using it.  You can also click on the picture to download it for free.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

1. State the objective in student-friendly language.
2. Use dry erase sentence strips to save time.
3. Engage students in the objective by having students repeat or restate the goal.
4. Create a visual for students using a target, colored sentence strips, or titles for subject areas.

Endless Possibilities,

I want to thank Stephany Dillon!!  The fonts used in the text boxes above are from her Super Cute Font Pack!!  I also want to thank Mr. Magician for the glittery borders!! 


  1. Super cute Target! I usually just type my objectives up for the week. Since most of my littles are ELLs, we have to do a Content, and Language Objective as well as the Essential Question. That's why I am SO thankful usually they last a week. Ha! I like to have them echo read after I read them.

  2. I love showing the red bullseye target with the objectives! Thank you for sharing this idea.

  3. Thanks for showing what a multi-grade classrooms' goals could look like:)

    We are ALL Special!

  4. I like your ideas for posting objectives. We have to do that also, but include the "how" also. Thanks for sharing

  5. I love seeing how other teachers are posting the learning targets. I need to get better about doing this in all subject areas. Thanks for sharing:)
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  6. I teach kindergarten and "aiming for the target" sounds like a great way to get them to understand what our goals are. Love the dry erase sentence strips! Must get some of those! Thanks for the many great ideas.

  7. I love your learning target poster! (So do my colleagues!) Thank you for sharing!

  8. I love these ideas. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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