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Monday, February 18, 2013

Spelling Practice Freebie!

I have several kiddos who need a little motivation to practice their spelling words this time of the year and I felt like those kiddos who do practice needed a bit of a reward for all of their hard work!  I created this "Spelling Star" papers.  Basically, the students pick one of the activities from each column each night (Monday-Thursday).  Once they complete the activity, they color in the square and put the paper in their folder.  On Friday morning they turn all their papers in with their form and get a little prize (pencil, eraser, piece of candy {GASP! CANDY!}.  Since I started doing this, their scores have went up!  Plus, if you keep track of who has turned it in it's some backup on why a kiddo may not being doing so well in that area on the report card!  Click on the picture below to grab it!
All the fonts used are from my "Super Cute" commercial use fonts packet!  You can find it here... Here's a shot of what's in it.  Over 30 fonts priced at just $3.00 right now!

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Happy Presidents Day!



  1. I have a few students needing motivation now too. The words are getting harder and some of them aren't studying as much as they should be. I downloaded the freebie and will put it to use next week! I've been searching for something similar and this is perfect!

  2. I like to have a variety of spelling menus on hand to switch things up. Thanks for sharing.

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