Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five for Friday

I am loving these numbers by Jen Jones from Hello Literacy!!  She is one of my favorite TpT'ers and bloggers.  I have all of her Phonological Awareness packets.  If you teach kindergarten or first grade, it is a must to check out her sets.

Now, on with Five for Friday...

My kinders completed an "Apple Investigation" this week.  This covers so many math skills and is so engaging for students.  Not only is it a great activity...  it is free!!  Julie Lee has this in her TpT store.  Go ahead, print it out and file it away with your apple unit for next year.

I had each of my students bring an apple for the Apple Investigation.  I have an incredible group of students this year and couldn't resist taking this picture.  They are so proud of their apples!!

Our writing standard that we were working on this week was "labeling".  What is the best way to learn to label?  Well...  I say, "Label your teacher!"  My students had so much fun using the sticky notes to label me.  (Ignore the tight clothes...  I am expecting baby number 3 and have not switched to maternity clothes yet.)

Speaking of my own children...  Have you ever been into school work, talking with your spouse or cooking that five minutes pass by so quickly?  This happened to me on Monday.  My five year old was in the kitchen and got into the mints.  A few minutes passed and this is what I found!!  Yes!!  He ate 14 mints!!  I counted the empty wrappers.  I was shocked that he kept a nice neat pile of trash.

Finally, I have been working in my RTI group with letter naming fluency.  I have an incredible group of parents this year and decided to create this Letter Naming Fluency At-Home Reading Intervention.  It is free in my TpT store.  I am sure it will help with letter naming and letter recognition.  I even included a parent letter.  It is a quick intervention that anyone can use.

Endless Possibilities,



  1. Your apple investigation page is great. I teach first grade and we were investigating a pumpkin last week. I had them write it all down in their journal. some did great, some got it all, but you can't read it and for some it was ust too much writing. One time when I was little, my mom was on the phone and I got a bottle of vitamins that I liked and started eating them, fortunately she caught me before I had consumed too many.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. I love those mints! I can see how your little one could eat that many! Love that he was so neat with the trash! Hope your weekend is great!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Congrats on baby #3! I am planning on doing the labeling activity this week :)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade