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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Year Round Resources Bundle....with a chance to win!

I am so excited to be part of this amazing bundle at Educents!  Some awesome blogging and TpT friends have gotten together to make an all year resource packet!  There are TONS of great packets that are included in this deal. The best part is that they are resources that you can use throughout the year!

 I know you will love my Ladybug Study Unit.  Ladybugs are so easy and fun to take care of and to learn about.  I have studied ladybugs both in the spring and in the fall in my classroom.  We even found our own ladybug larvae on the playground this fall.  The kiddos LOVED studying, observing and learning about the ladybug life cycle.  Also included in this unit are some literacy and math activities to tie Ladybugs into your entire curriculum!  Life Cycle Printables, Venn Diagrams, Graphic Organizers Label a Ladybug, Ladybug Observation Booklet, Poems, Sentence Editing, Measuring, Graphing, Sentence Unscramble, Real and Nonsense Sort.... the possibilities are endless! Click HERE to go grab it up before it's gone!

There are many other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  
Centers, printables, vocabulary, book studies, interactive notebooking and so much more!

Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures

But that's not all!   Since you are on my blog I would like to give you a chance to win something extra for free!  Please follow me or pin something or shout it out on FB and enter to win any item from my store!  Good luck!

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The deal won't last long so head over now! 

Endless Possibilities,


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