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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arctic Animals

Now that rush of Christmas is behind us, I can now begin to think ahead to the new year.  My kindergarten team will be working on Arctic Animals when we return to school.  We usually spend about 3 to 4 weeks on polar animals.  This year, we have decided to transform our entire hallway into a habitat.  We have designated four different areas for different animals.  The animals we chose to teach our students about are:

I have a couple units on Arctic animals already, but I like to use graphic organizers with my students.  There are certain graphic organizers that my students are familiar with and use with confidence.  Therefore, I decided to create an entire Winter Animal graphic organizer packet. 

Here is a sample of graphic organizers that are included in this packet.  This is only a sample.  The entire packet is 50 pages.

An Emergent Reader Text

Can, Have, Are Charts for Polar Bears, Penguins, Walruses and Seals

Bubble Maps

Venn Diagrams

Main Idea & Detail

KWL Charts

I will be using the graphic organizer activities along with the following emergent reader texts for each animal.

I have the emergent readers for sale in my TpT store.  Just click the picture above or click the picture below to purchase the whole bundle.  My kinders are just going to love these readers.  They are easy to read with page numbers on each page.  There is a title page for each reader, as well as sight words that my students are familiar with.
Check out these Pinterest snacks that I will be experimenting with.

Look at this polar bear ice cream snack!!

My students are going to love these penguins!!

And these last snacks are too adorable!!

Endless Possibilities,



  1. Great ideas. The snacks look too cute!

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