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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

It is time to link up with Farley's Currently this month!!  I can not believe that it is already February.  I used several different fonts in the image above.  All of these fonts are created by Stephany.  Here is the link to the product.  It has over 50 fonts!!

We live in southern Indiana.  I have been reading the newspaper, listening to the radio and even watching the local forecast frequently over the past several days.  Some say we are supposed to get 18 inches of snow this week.  Others say that we are only getting some ice and maybe some accumulation.  I have no idea what is expected.  All I can say is that I do not want anymore snow days.  Now I am not saying I don't like the occasional 2 hour delay.  :)
Our boys just had a basketball game at the local YMCA this morning.  After the game, my husband dropped off the boys and I at school so that I could get some things finished.  Then, he went to the grocery store and took the SUV to the car wash before returning to get us.  It has been so long that our vehicle has looked so clean.  With all the salt, sand, ice and snow, I never thought I would see a clean vehicle again.
I mentioned that my husband went to the grocery store.  I sent him with a list of all the yummy junk food that we needed for Super Bowl.  I am not much of a football fan; however, I enjoy the Super Bowl for the delicious junk food!!
After I post this blog post, I am wanting to start on my lesson plans for next week.  I get so excited about February because of Dental Health, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day.  Next week I am working on my Dental Health Unit.  I have two products available on TpT for Dental Health.  Click the pictures below to check them out. (20% off until Monday.)

Valentine's Day is approaching and I seriously need to finish this Valentine Math Station Unit that I have been working on.  I have started and really like what I have, but matching Common Core standards and making sure the information is accurate is time-consuming.  Hopefully, I get it finished so that my students get to use it this year.  :)

Truth:  I really do like to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned!!  I love the feeling when I come out.  People must think I am crazy!!
Truth:  I really did get married in pants!!  I wanted a small wedding, after dating for 7 years.  I wore a white pant suit.
Fib: Even though I enjoy the Super Bowl, I do not like to watch football every Sunday.  I enjoy so many other sports and I enjoy watching football in person.  I just do not get into it every Sunday.  

Speaking of 2 truths and a fib...  I have a freebie that is called 3 Facts and a Fib.  If you are interested, click here.



  1. I have become a college football girl over the past several years and just this year found myself getting into football on Sundays too! So many former NC State players in the pros that I have to keep up with all their games. Needless to say, I'm pulling for Russell and the Seahawks tomorrow!

  2. HAHAHA! I like going to the dentist too! Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I've never had a cavity or any tooth problems.
    I'm near Chicago and am NOT enjoying all the snow! We just got slammed yesterday and today AND supposed to get a huge storm on Tuesday/Wed. I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.
    Going stir crazy and the weather is not motivating for me.
    Enjoy you day!
    Anchored in 3rd Grade

  3. February is definitely a busy month for you, in a good way. There are a lot of fun moments with your family: super bowl, your kid’s basketball game, and so on. Also, it’s good to hear that you enjoyed visiting your dentist. I hope every day of the year is like this, happy and full of good vibes.

    Dr. Arun

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