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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Highlight"ing the Common Core!

Almost everyone is familiar with Highlights magazine but they have really stepped up to help teachers out with the Common Core!  They have included new features to make implementing Highlights into the classroom easier and (most importantly) meaningful.  These new features also help teachers fulfill all those "keywords" that evaluators are looking for in lessons... objectives, connections, technology, vocabulary and so much more!

Teacher's Guide

Each month comes with a Teacher's Guide which includes whole group, small group, mini lesson, and independent lesson plans.  I love that a clearly written objective is included with each lesson  (we are required to post those in our room)... such a time saver!  Many of the features of the lesson are some of the key elements that many evaluators are looking for... before lesson connections, after the lesson wrap up, and vivid vocabulary.  Plus, the Common Core Standard is listed for each of the lessons.  

They also included some awesome printables that you can copy and use with your lessons...

There is also a section with Highlights Online suggestions.  You can use technology to extend your lessons!  Tips and tricks for parents are a great way to bridge the school to home connections.

Student Issue

The student issues are as colorful as ever!  They are jammed pack with stories of different levels, poetry, science experiments, crafts, and non-fiction entries.  

There are tons of student submitted questions and material...

So how do I use it in my classroom?

There are tons of ways to implement Highlights into your classroom.  
~With different levels of text in each issue you can keep them at your guided reading table and use them with almost all of your groups!    
~Make them available in your classroom library for students to check out and keep in their book boxes.
~Highlights includes many "interactive" elements.  Have students write to the advice column "Dear Highlights."  They can submit jokes or poetry to Highlights... there are so many ways to get your students involved and submitting to Highlights.
~Use the social skills articles to discuss how students can be better members of your classroom community.
~Complete the science experiment as a class or vote on one of the crafts to complete!

There are SO many activities, articles, stories, and pieces in Highlights that it will be easy to implement it in your classroom.... Your students will love it and now with all of the Common Core teacher tools you will love it to!

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  1. What a great post and it truly made me realize how much I've missed my subscription to Highlights. Such an excellent magazine that looks even better now! About 8 years ago, I took a writing class with them in Pennsylvania. (Founders Workshop through Highlights Foundation) I was lucky to arrive early and got to go on a tour of their offices. Kent Brown and the gang are amazing people and have such respect for children. Can you believe they actually save EVERY letter they receive from children? EVERY single one! They house them in a warehouse and they are indexed. A writer I was with actually was able to have the one she wrote as a child retrieved. (Not on the spot!) I am going to renew my subscription before the year starts.

    Thanks for the nudge!