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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beginning of the Year Refreshers....

School has officially started for us!  We are several days into the school year and I am loving my new class!  It's a big group but they are a great group of kids!  We are *for-sure* crammed into the classroom this year... nice and cozy.

To build confidence and review, we have been working on letter identification, sounds and letter formation.  

Students have been sorting upper and lower case letters....
They have been working on each letter as they trace, write, identify the beginning sound and locate the letter...

They have been sorting beginning sound pictures...
They have been "spinning a letter" and then tracing the letter they spin.  (This also works on graphing skills, YEAH!)

Hands on students can stamp letters...

Students are matching upper case to lower case....
You can grab up this packet (which is 120 pages of goodness!!) in my TpT store by clicking below!  It's marked down so grab it up!

We have also been doing a student of the day writing paper.  Part of our writing assessment includes details in the picture so we are concentrating on hands and fingers, no "floating" people, facial features and backgrounds.  We start with the sentences "I can see ______."  I model my drawing of what a person should look like and then they draw their own version... each day they get better! Click below to get the super simple printable page that we use.  I have included a traceable version for kiddos that need a little help. 
I have also included an editable version of the cover page for the books.  I bind all of the pages together and then send it home so each kiddo has their own book with pictures of them drawn by the whole class.  Here is a sample of what I send home...

Stephanie has started off the year using Sherri's Alphabet Practice Chant with her kindergarten class.  Using it daily all year is a great way to learn letter sounds while having fun!  I plan on purchasing it to use with some kiddos that still need some letter/sound reinforcement in first!   I have a recorder so I plan on recording the chant as a group and then putting it with the slide show so that students can listen to it at the listening station.  I will have to update later to let you know how that worked out!

It is going to be an awesome year!  We have a lot of ground to cover but I think this group is up for a challenge!

Endless Possibilities, 


  1. Love all of your letter writing ideas, especially the spin, trace, & graph one!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  2. I'd love a copy of these activities! Where can I grab them?