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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Math with Dominos!

Dominos can be such effective tools for math instruction.  There are so many different ways to use them for math.  Paired with a easy to print recording sheet they can become a quick and easy station for math or an early finisher activity!  I love being able to grab up a handful of manipulatives, push print and instantly have a meaningful activity.  Especially on those days where you need to save your sanity!  Here are some ways to use them in your classroom...

Addition:  Students simply add both sides of the domino!

 Greater Than and Less Than:  Students draw the dots from the domino and the add the greater or less than sign!

Race to 120:  Students pick a domino and add the sides.  They color that number on their chart until they reach 120.  This is a great game for partners!

Add & Graph:  Students add both numbers on the domino and then graph the sum.  You can give the students a baggie filled with dominos so that you can check for mastery against what you placed in the baggie!

Fact Families:  Students use the two numbers to create fact families!

Domino Parking:  Students take turns picking dominos out of a container, add the numbers and then "parking" the domino.    The first student to fill up all of their parking spots wins!

Domino Sort:  Students practice odd and even numbers by comparing and contrasting the numbers on the dominos!

Number Sentence Race:  Students take turns writing number sentences next to each sum.  The first student to complete their paper wins!

Subtraction:  Students choose a dice and use the numbers to make a subtraction number sentence.

These are just a few ways that you can practice using dominos in the classroom!  If you would like to grab up these printables you can get them HERE!

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