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Monday, January 19, 2015

100th Day Celebration Linky

Link up your 100th Day Celebration activities, snacks, games and lessons.  All teachers are super excited to hit day 100!!  I know I always am.  The day seems to go quick and this year our 100th day was on a Friday!!  How lucky were we?  Grab this button and link up your ideas.

I always try to keep it fairly simple on day 100.  This year my kindergarten students were super pumped to use 100 stickers on base ten strips.  After placing 100 stickers on the strips, students came to me so that I could help measure the size of their head.  We used sentence strips to create 100 day hats!!  So simple and still learning!!
Another super easy station is to have 100 piece puzzles.  My students enjoyed working together as they completed puzzles in groups.
Each year I say that I am NOT making Fruit Loop necklaces.  In the past I have found that students lose count as they make them and eat on them the rest of the day!!  Not only are they eating them, but the kiddos crunch them into my rug as the STOMP on them.  Well, as you see below, I tackled this project again.  This year went much smoother than in the past.  I used a counter sheet to help students count out 100 Fruit Loops.  I also had students group the Fruit Loops into colors.  Finally, after all the necklaces were made.....  the necklaces went into backpacks!!  They got to put them on before they got on the bus for dismissal.  (I let students wear them for about 15 minutes, then they went into backpacks.)
Do you have any great 100 day celebration tricks and tips?  Have you celebrated the 100th day of school?  Link up below.

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