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Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday (June 5)

Hello, Summer Teachers!!
This week's Five for Friday is a wrap-up of end of the school year and welcome summer!!  Not only does Kacey host this fun weekly linky, but she also has Doodle Bugs Paper!!

 1.  Each year, like a lot of teachers, I make an end of the year DVD.  This year I didn't want to stress during report card time, field day and all the other end of the year things going on.  Therefore, I decided to hand deliver the DVDS to each of my kinder students.  The smiles on their faces were priceless!!

 2.  Not only did I wait until school was out before delivering them, but I also included their "Favorites" in the slideshow.  It gave the students a chance to see all their classmates, and it saved on photo paper.  I love how each of their "favorites" are so unique and fit each personality.

3.  The few weeks after school, our kindergarten collaboration team met to revise some of our three-week assessments.  These are not for purchase; however, I am interested in knowing what your school does for data tracking for mastering standards.  Does your district meet to plan common curriculum throughout grade levels?

 4.  I have eagerly been working on my classroom decor for next school year.  I am going to go with blues, greens and red with star accents.  I am needing to know what to call this decor.  I will have it for purchase in the near future.  Here is a sneak peak...
Comment with what you feel would be a good name.  If I choose your pick, you win this decor pack so be sure to leave your email.

 5.  I saved the most interesting for last...  On our back deck, we have this hornet nest hanging from our patio furniture.  I had to take a picture before getting rid of it.  It is actually pretty cool.

Well, that is it for the week.  We hope to have some Monday Makeovers and Made It Monday posts coming soon.

Endless Possibilities,

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