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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Techie Tuesday: Phonic Phil App

Phonic Phil (only available on iPad) is one of my favorite apps.  If students are naturally engaged by the app and motivated to learn they can spend a ton of time making words.  However, sometimes you want to make sure your students are spending their time wisely and are actually learning from the app.  Creating a recording sheet to go with an app is a great way to hold your students accountable for their learning during tech time!

Ways to use this app
*Have students record the real and nonsense words that they create using Phonic Phil. (Lower)

*Have students use the real words they create in sentences. (Middle)

*Have students create real words and use them in a paragraph or short story. (Higher)

Grab up these free recording sheets by clicking HERE!

Phonic Phil ($ .99):  No ads, easy to use and engaging for primary students.  Words on words families and blends which are great for K-2! 

Creating simple recording sheets to go with apps is a great way to hold your students accountable at any level!

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