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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!

We had so much fun learning about spiders last week!  We started off with a traditional KWL idea but with post-it notes on our 3D spider friends!

We worked on Facts and Opinions with spiders.  This is a fun way to work on this skill because the opinions on spiders are always so vastly different!

These Eric Carle inspired spiders were SO much fun to make and they turned out so cool! We hung them in the hall with our spider reports.

I had students choose three different colors of papers.  I used Astrobrights neon colors because they are so vibrant!  Each different page would either become the head, abdomen, or the legs.  The kiddos chose the color of paint they wanted on each paper and I let them "finger-paint" the page by spreading the paint around.  Once the paper was covered they used the handle end of the paint brush to make designs in the paint.  Once the pages were all dry I had them choose which pages were their head and abdomen and then cut them out.  They were allowed to cut them freely.  The different shapes of heads and abdomens made the spiders more interesting!  I cut the legs for the students using the cutting board.  Finally they were allowed to add eyes or spots from the scrap pieces to make their spiders even more original.  I backed them in black paper to make them stand out more on our wall.  I got this idea from Artolazzi which is an AWESOME site for educational art ideas!

We finished the week with some healthy spider snacks.

You can grab up my All About Spider packet by clicking HERE.  It is great packet for October!

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