Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Little Word and Respect

Do you have a special time set aside each day to teach character traits or do you do teach them as part of your classroom routine?  Maybe you teach them within each lesson as part of your classroom environment.
Our school is a PBIS school.  We have our school-wide "Be's".  Our district agreed on "Be Respectful.  Be Responsible.  Be Prepared.  Be Your Best.
Not only are we a PBIS school, but we also have a full-time social worker on staff.  She comes to each classroom for 20 minutes each week to teach Second Steps.  Second Steps is a program that teaches character traits and anti-bullying.
In my kindergarten classroom, my students recite the Pledge of Respect each day.  Students cross their arms across their chest and say it allowed.  There are even a few of students who close their eyes.  I told them this is acceptable, as they are reflecting on their words.
Do you allow your students to choose one little word?  As teachers, we should also think about the new year ahead.
Have you chosen your one little word for 2016?  You still have time...  Here are a few that came to my mind...
Happy 2016!
Endless Possibilities,


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