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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flipping For Flamingos

Are you ready for spring?  Are you still shoveling out piles of snow?  I know the answer for me...  I am definitely ready for spring!!  I am ready to watch my 2016 Chicago Cubs, work on my spring landscaping, do some spring cleaning, and get outside with my kids!  I am ready to drive with the windows rolled down.  I want outdoor recess, homemade lemonade and fresh air.  (Do I have you ready for spring yet?)  Well, by the end of this post I hope you are ready for spring weather and all that spring brings us, as teachers!  What better way to get the spring (or summer) feeling... FLAMINGOS.

This week my kindergarten students are working on nonfiction texts.  I use Kim Adsit's Reader's Workshop lessons daily.  Unit 6, Diving In, uses flamingos as part of the nonfiction text unit.

I used her lesson, but also supplemented with my own Flamingo Graphic Organizers.

I took several pictures of student work.

These are the books that I used this week to teach about flamingos.

We have worked very hard on writing and with the Six Traits of Writing.  This week, I have focused on labeling.  I found this adorable craftivity from Crafty Bees Creations.  Then, I gave my students index cards to label the flamingo.

Next, I instructed a directed drawing of a flamingo.  I was very impressed with my kindergarten students and their drawings!
These are pictures from the (can, have, are) chart from my Flamingo Graphic Organizer pack.  There are so many interesting facts about flamingos.  I can definitely say kindergarteners know WAY more than I ever did when I went to grade school!
These may be my favorite anchor charts from the week.

I know you probably read my anchor chart.  I wrote "don't breathe"... I ran out of room to write...  Flamingos don't breathe while they are eating!!  Maybe if I tried the flamingo approach to eating, I wouldn't have to diet anymore.  :)

Well, has all the talk about flamingos have you dreaming of a tropical location or even just a local vacation?  Are you ready for spring? summer? or just ready to dive into this unit?  If you are, the link for the graphic organizer literacy pack is here.

Endless Possibilities,

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