Friday, April 29, 2016

Simplify Your Day Out (Sub Plans)

On Wednesday, I had a scheduled day off for my son's doctor appointment.  With many of the end of the year activities and assessments going on, I was looking for sub plans that could simplify the day (not only for me, but for my sub and students).

As I was looking through Teachers Pay Teachers, I came across Stephany's (yes, she blogs on this very blog with me) Miss Nelson is Missing Sub Packet.  The easy to use printables were perfect for my kindergarten students.  Not only did they challenge my students, but it also allowed for differentiation.  When I saw Miss Nelson is Missing, I knew right away where the book was located in my classroom library.  I also knew that the printables included reading, writing, and math with many rigorous activities.
The before and after number activity was perfect for this time of year.  It made my students think and also challenged some students.

Check out Stephany's other Print and Go Sub Packets in her TpT store here.

Happy Friday!
Endless Possibilities,


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