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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Storing Stations

Teachers are always looking for ways to store things. I have had a few teachers ask how to store their math stations for the year. Here are a few ideas to help you get organized for the new year!
These storage tubs are my favorite! Several teacher in my building have gotten them through Donor's Choose.  After you have prepped and cut all of your stations, you can place them in these tubs.  
 The only drawback to this is they will take up some space.
 I use packing tape to keep the title on the top of the tub.
But when it is time to change out stations, just grab the tub you need and put the other one back on the shelf.  Click here for the boxes on Amazon. But don't forget, try!
I LOVE these envelopes! I use them A LOT :)
I use packing tape and tape the title page on the outside of the envelope. If I don't do this the kids pull it out with the other items, then we don't know what station it is!
I keep the pieces and recording sheets in the envelope along with what is needed for the station. 
Click here to get plastic envelopes on Amazon. 
One of my fellow teachers got these carts on Donor's Choose. They are great for so many things in the classroom. They are great for storing math stations. I put a small label on the front. Then the directions, pieces, and supplies in the drawer. 

Click here for the cart on Amazon.
If you are a teacher, you have binders everywhere! Grab some page protectors and put your stations in these when not in use. 

Here are the math stations:
These have 1 math station for every Common Core Math Standard in each grade level. All for less than $1 a station! 
The possibilities are endless!


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