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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Teachers Help Teachers & Freebies

There are several teachers joining together to help other teachers affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We live in southern Indiana and feel very fortunate after seeing all of the devastation Sandy has caused.  However, there are many teachers on the east coast who need our help.  We all know how much money we spend on our classrooms over the years and it is devastating to those who have lost all of those materials in the course of one night.  I am adding two buttons in this post where you can go to help other teachers.  We are donating products from our TpT stores to help teachers and the people affected by the storm.

The first button is where you can go to give help to teachers who have lost their teaching materials to Sandy's wrath.

The second button is where you can go if you have been affected and need help.

Laurah at ESOL Odyssey Tools for Teachers has taken a lot of time and energy to organize this recovery.  Thank you Laurah!

Classroom Freebies Manic MondayAlso, Classroom Freebies is having Manic Monday!  Here are our freebies for the week.  Head on over to Clasroom Freebies to grab some more great freebies!!!

 "Order Those Numbers" is a hands on activity where students order three sets of number cards (2's, 5's, and 10's).  After they have put the sets of numbers in order, they record them on the answer sheet.  This is a great activity for math centers or stations!

And Stephanie's AR Superstar Cards.  Just print out, write the information, and laminate.  Write in the quiz number with a dry erase marker for parent helpers and volunteers helping give AR tests.  They were made by a request from my kindergarten colleague.

Endless Possibilities,
Stephanie, Stephany, and Kathi


  1. Thanks for the skip counting freebie. We will be working on that skill again next week. This will be perfect!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers 

  2. Thanks so much for the freebie. We are always working on skip counting in different ways!
    I Dream of First Grade

  3. I love the Three Little Pigs skip counting freebie! Thank you!

    Granny Goes to School