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Monday, November 12, 2012


Here are the lucky gals who won the Attention Grabbers set!!

Winner #1- Yearn to Learn
Winner #2- Tania (My Second Sense)
Winner #3- Tammy (The Resourceful Apple)

Congratulations ladies!!  I hope you all have success in your classrooms with this posters.  I sent the email out today.  My experience has been successful so far.  I also have a few more phrases that I will be adding to the pack soon.  

Keep checking back, because I plan on giving away three sets of my recent WHAM Math Pack!!  Here is a short preview and link...

These are just a few samples of what is included in WHAM Math!!  I am so excited about this unit!!  WHAM stands for:  Whole Group, Hands-on, At your seat, and Meeting!!  I tell my students that we have to complete math using each of these components daily.  Before I ever teach the actual topic or skill, I teach an entire week on "what math is", "why we use math", and "who uses math".  Students create a mathematician bubble map and make a math headband.  I also have students create a Skill Shield using a two-pocket folder and lightening bolts as the skills.  This is just an overview, but I am so excited about this unit that I just couldn't resist.  I will have an additional post about all this soon.  (with a chance to win!!)

Endless Possibilities,