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Friday, April 26, 2013

FIve for Friday (4-26-13)

It is Friday again!!  Whoo hooo!!  We only have 18 school days left until summer vacation....  But who's counting?
1)  First, we need to take care of a few little giveaways we had this week.  The winner of Stephany's Summer Awards are Liz & Mrs. Wheeler!
The winners of Stephanie's Chip Awards are Diving Into Learning & Crystal Shepherd

2) Our kindergarten classes celebrated Earth Day with a field trip to Hoosier Energy Environmental Education Center this week.  The kiddos made solar jars.  It was super messy, but super cool!  Students put stickers on the jars and painted with a glue/food coloring mixture.  While the jars were drying, students went on an educational Earth Day scavenger hunt.

3) Stephany's first grade class celebrated Earth Day by picking up the school's playground and sidewalks. Each child wore gloves and collected trash to be sorted and recycled.

4) Our school is located less than 1 mile from the Wabash River.  It is expected to crest on Saturday.  This is what it looks like just a few blocks down from our school.  The levee is holding it out of the neighborhoods.  This is just behind the levee in a little park that on the banks of the Wabash.
 Photo: Kimmell Park. (Photo By Jason Tiller)
5)    Here is a little freebie font for you all!  I was just trying to come up with a cute little font for a project I was working on... this is called "Good Doggy."  I will be adding it to my Super Cute Fonts pack soon!  Click on the picture below to go download it for free!  
Freebie Fridays

Stephany, Stephanie, & Kathi


  1. 18 days are you kidding me!?! I have double that -eeeek! Exciting for all of you, though! Adorable font!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. OMG! That water is scary high. Stay safe (and dry) down there in Hoosier land. :)

  3. Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just reading through blogger and am so glad I read yours!!!!!! Thanks so much! I am pumped for those awards!

    Those Earth Day jars look awesome!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT