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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product Swap- Max the Math Muncher!

I am super excited today to be participating in the Product Swap hosted by Jessica Stanford.  I have been really fortunate to get some great products through these swaps that I have been able to use in my classroom.  This time, I was able to pick up Ashley Reed’s “Max the Math Monster” unit.  It couldn’t have come at a better time because greater than and less than is the skill we are working on right now in class!

I love this unit because it is so EASY to create and implement into your greater than and less than unit.  Not only that but it has just about everything you could think of to do whole group instruction and math stations.  Plus it is FUN!  Who doesn't love a fun math lesson?

First, you start off by reading Max’s story.  Basically he is a monster whose parents realize he will ONLY eat the bigger number in a pair of numbers.  After several tries (monster food, people food, zoo food) they discover he is a math muncher!  This little story sets the tone for the whole unit.  You get tons of signs with this unit that you can use for reference and for your math word wall.

There is even a template for a craftivity to make your own math muncher.  I LOVED THIS.. mostly because it was easy to make, didn’t take a lot of paper, was super cute and the kids loved it.  But even “more mostly” (hehe) because it WORKED!  The kids were engaged when they were using their math munchers, they couldn’t wait to use them and in the end they actually picked up this skill super fast.  We used them on the white board.  I wrote two numbers and the kids came up and placed their math muncher the correct way to make a true statement.  

Another great thing about this unit is there are tons of things to put in a math tub or station.  I stuck one of the emergent readers in my math station along with smaller scaled versions of the signs, laminated versions of the math worksheets (so they can be wiped off an used again and again) and the math activity.  This gives kids tons of different options to keep them engaged and learning during the station work. 

You can find Ashley by clicking the button below!  She is featuring my Real & Nonsense Word Mega Pack!
Just Reed!
You can Max the Math Muncher by clicking on the picture below!

Go check out all of the other great products that are being swapped by clicking on the Product Swap button below.

Have a great Saturday night!

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