Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

It is that time again!  I'm lovin' this one!!  It is May!!  Who doesn't get excited about May....  especially teachers!!  Whooo hooo!!  15 days, but I am not counting...  (he he he)

I am sitting on my porch with my son listening to the birds chirp.  They are going crazy.  I know 'zero' about birds either.  :)  The sounds are coming from this large tree in my yard.  It is such a beautiful tree too.

I am loving my family.  I am so blessed with such a hard-working husband and two beautiful out-going handsome little boys!!

I am thinking Instagram!!  I am really trying to get this thing started.  I get so involved at looking through other pictures that I forget to post any pictures of my own.

I am wanting a new SUV.  I know...  I know...  They are not good on the gas tank, but as my boys get older, they are going to have friends and sports and car-pool, and you know....  I am wanting this.  But, have you seen the price tag?  Wow...  I need to get making some more products on TpT to afford this on a teacher's salary.
I am so needing a tan.  I use to work in the melon fields for 9+ summers way before teaching.  So I am use to having a decent tan.  My pale white skin needs some sunlight.

My summer bucket list is fairy simple.  I totally need to work on my landscaping this summer.  It would add so much to our home.  My husband and I are also planning to take the boys to the sand dunes in Michigan.  So...  Michigan teachers...  Help me out!!  Where is a good place to take two little boys?  Last...  Our barn needs to be re-painted!!  It has faded tremendously and needs a new coat of paint.

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Endless Possibilities,


  1. I am sooo needing a tan, too. It's May and I usually have a little sun by now...not this year :(

    I can't wait to hear about your adventures this summer to the sand dunes. Sounds cool!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I keep trying to get started on Instagram, too, but it's just not happening. I've had an account for two months, and not one picture :( Sounds like a fun summer, though... it's almost here!! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Found your blog through Farley's link up. Getting a tan made it on to My Currently too ... I've craving summer big time over here. Sounds like you could probably use the SUV with your family ... that's what I always picture myself hauling a bunch of kiddos in (many years from now ha!).

    The Organized Señorita

  4. I soooo need a tan too. I am the epitome of pasty! I need to get going on some landscaping here too. Our house was a winter home (even though we live in NY!) for some Canadians, so there isn't any landscaping since nobody lived here in the summer.
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  5. I am so with you on needing a tan!! But the weather is not making it easy to get one here! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  6. I agree with you about wanting a tan! I wore a dress today, and it made it quite obvious that I need to see a little more sun! I have the same problem with instagram. I need to remember to take more pictures!

    Eclectic Educating

  7. I'm wondering about Instagram too. I think I'm the only one who hasn't signed up yet! I could use a tan too! Love your taste in SUV's!


  8. Getting a tan is on my bucket list, too! I just jumped on Instagram this week - LOVE it!

    Lucky to Be in First