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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It!

First, here are the winners for our Classroom Theme Giveaway!  We are giving away a classroom theme of their choice to the winners!

And the winners are...
 Here are a couple of projects that I have been working on this week for my lunch choice area.  I used to use these to hold my lunch choice sticks but I found other awesome classroom uses for them... These magnetic caddies from the Dollar Tree were AWESOME a few years ago...
Then they switched to these and... NOT so awesome.  They fell apart and the magnetic strip fell off the back all the time, even after I glue-gunned it back on. So Dollar Tree please bring the others back and make teachers everywhere happy.
I decided to redo my whole system when I saw this board at Ikea which fits perfectly at the end of one of my shelves.   I think I should buy stock in Ikea.
 SPONTAN Magnetic board IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically.
So I made these numbers below to go on the board.  Students will just place their number in the part of the magnetic board that has their lunch choice.  I got the skinny mini duct tape to divide the board and of course plan to use Stephanie's lunch choice pics which are a must for my kiddos!   

The numbers are super easy to do.  Just pick a background and print some numbers on it.  Put Modge-Podge on the back of the jewel (available at the dollar tree... mine had over 30 jewels in one package) and place it on top of the number.  One tip that I have is to check on them every couple of minutes... they have the tendency to slide a little and the number won't be centered.When they are dry, you just trim around the edges and add some magnetic tape to the back.  You can also put your students pictures behind the jewel and use them as a magnet on your student work board.  They find their face and use that magnet to pin up their work!
 My next Monday Made-It are these tubs.  These were a great find at the Michael's which has become the go-to store this summer for a lot of teachers.  You can find SO many great deals there.  I got these tubs for 70% off.  The vinyl is something my BFF gave me awhile back and I was just waiting for a project to use it on.  I printed out the words on paper, laid the paper on top of the vinyl and then pressed down hard as a traced the letters.  I then cut along the impression, peeled and stuck  them to the tubs.  It was super easy to do!  I may even go back and add polka dots!
 Finally, I just want to add that I finally finished my CCS math journal prompts for first grade.  I plan on adding a set of Kindergarten review prompts and some money prompts (seriously no money in first grade CCS?  Come on!) to this packet this week.  I am so excited to start using these this year and amp up my math program!  You can download a freebie sample by clicking here.  I love that they are going to be so easy to use!

 Less than 2 weeks until school starts here!  I am super excited to meet all of my new students and my old students!   It's funny how they are always "your" students even when they leave your class!  New crop, new personalities, new needs, new imaginations... new possibilities!

Endless Possibilities, 


  1. Stephany,
    You've been busy. I need some 1st grade Math journal prompts. I'll be adding these to my wishlist.
    They LOOK awesome.

  2. Swoon my heart - I {love} those tubs! Plus, they are actually big enough to fit those bulky items. I'll have to check Micheal's!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Super cute crafts! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi there. I am one of the winners woooohooo! Kristi Haggard
    my email is scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

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