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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guided Math Book Study: Chapter 5

 Flexible grouping is so important during math small group instruction.  Math groups are so different from reading groups.  Your reading groupings tend to stay the same with a few kids moving up or down throughout the year.  Math groupings are constantly changing depending on the skills you are teaching or reteaching.  You are constantly changing your teaching strategies and methods and evaluating your groups.

Data is such an important part of my math instruction.   I give the students short quick assessments and keep informal data charts to track what they are learning.  I have posted about my data tracking before HERE and linked up my math data tracking.  The form below is what I use to track informal information.  I use it to track information for the whole week.  If I notice a student is struggling during a station as I walk by, I might jot down a note that I need to make a point to reinforce that skill.  It may even be a note that certain students shouldn't be working together, that a student seems disinterested in a certain type of station, or that a student needs to be more challenged during the next round of stations.  I simply jot down the student's initials and then a quick note about what I observed.  Very informal!!  Click below to grab it up.

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