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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thrify Thursday

We are joining Smorgie with Thrifty Thursday today.  If you haven't visited his blog, it's a must!  Mr. Greg focuses on practical, time-saving teaching strategies for kindergarten and the primary classroom.  He adds humor in all of his posts, which make reading his blog posts fun.

I know that this isn't school related, but it is SUMMER break...  so what the hey!  One of our colleagues has an incredible large swimming pool.  The teachers at our school meet once a week to share stories over lunch during the summer.  My boys love swimming there.  I enjoy being outside, tanning in the sun, and splashing in the water too.  However, at our house, we don't have a large in-ground anything.  If you are like me and want the "luxury" of a pool without spending the money (or up-keep) on a big pool, then this "thrifty find" is for you.

It is large enough for both of my boys and each to have a friend.
The best part...  It is easy on the pocket book.  I mean, we are on a teacher's budget.

It is shown on the box with the pool on the ground.  We actually put ours on the deck.  We used an air pump to blow it up.  (It took about 7-8 minutes.)  If you look below, you'll see ours on the deck. 

You don't have to spend a lot to get the joy you see on the faces below.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my husband's friend from work had a cookout.  After eating, many of the adults and kids got together to play "Water Balloon Volleyball".  I had never heard or played this before.  So, I sat back with my newborn and watched.  All you need for this fun and hilarious game is a net, several water balloons, several beach towels, and innocent people.  :)

Our kindergarten and first grade teams were thinking of trying this next school year as an "end of the year" event.  It encourages children to work together and use strategies to get the water balloon over the net.

Each pair holds a beach towel.  As the water balloon is launched over the net each team tries to catch the flying water balloon in the beach towel (without it hitting the ground or you).   This is fun to play and watch.  Water balloon volleyball is inexpensive and another thrifty game to play this summer at a child's birthday party, an adult cookout, or even a family gathering.

Finally, I saw this on Instagram and thought it was such a great idea!  This thrifty game is called "Yard Twister".  All you need is a template (as shown below) and some spray paint.  I found it on Pinterest here.

As many of you wrap up the school year, I hope you can enjoy these summer thrifty finds.  I know I plan on using all of these with my boys this summer.  Fun... Inexpensive... Thrifty... all on a teacher's budget.

Happy Summer,

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