Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12 Great Apps for Beginning Readers

1.   Rhyme to Read ($5.99)

This great app for beginning readers uses stories to build reading fluency.  Each book uses familiar characters from the previous stories to help build confidence and consistency. There is a free trial version available for you to check out.  You can find it HERE.

2.  Alphabytes ($3.99)

Students practice letter formation, letter sounds, more with this great app.  This is great for kiddos who need hands on work during tech time.

3.  Starfall ABC's (FREE)

This is a great app for practicing letters and sounds.

4.  Reading Magic (FREE)

Students can touch each letter to hear the sound for each picture.  This is a great way to work on short vowel sounds and CVC words.

5.  Phonic Phil (.99)

Phil is a robot who combines beginning consonants or blends with a word chunk.  Students can build real and nonsense words.  Combine this app with a printable recording sheets and you have an instant, easy station.  

6.  QuikTap Words (.99)

This app is great for quick sight word recognition.  While it isn't fancy like other apps, it gets the job done.  Kids love working quickly to find the sight word.

7.  Toby (.99)

This is an iPhone app but works well on the iPad. It isn't fancy but students must find the sounds in certain parts of a word.  

8.  Starfall Learn to Read (2.99)

A step up from Starfall ABC, this app works on chunks, word families, long/short vowels, and other skills.  It includes the same popular songs and jingles that kids love from the Starfall website.

9.  Fill the Gap (Free)

Students can choose different words lengths and combine that with different skills like missing ending sounds, vowels, vowels teams and more.  This app covers a lot of skills and can be used quite a bit before a student grows out of it.

10.  Sight Words Free (Free)

Students can read or spell the sight words.  They are organized by grade level.  There is a paid version of this app that keeps track of learned words.  

11.  Play Sight Words (Free)

Students can unscramble, read, play memory, bingo, or find the words.  It's a pretty easy app to use and this free version has quite a few options to keep kids learning. 

This is a fun app with a lot of different learning activities.  Great graphics make it even more appealing to students.
If you know of any other great apps, leave a comment and let us know!  We'd love to review them in a post!