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Friday, January 8, 2016

Five for Friday {January 8th}

We are linking up this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  Click HERE to go check out the other Five for Friday posts!

Stephanie has been sending home her math facts fluency home with her Kindergarten students this week.  They are so excited to be "big" kids working on homework.  
You can grab up her facts packet by clicking HERE.

I am trying out alternative seating in my classroom.  I am starting with just a few tables at different heights to start with.  It has been a huge hit with the students so far!  I still need to find some stools, rugs and more seating options.

I am loving these Touchtronic letters that go with the app.  The kiddos are so engaged when they are using them.  I got them off of Zulilly so be on the lookout for them to come back!

Stephanie's students have been reading "The Mitten" and "The Hat" by Jan Brett this week.  The students wrote a thank you note to Baba from Nikki, the two characters from the mitten.

Then they journaled about a hat that they have at home.  They had to write using descriptive words and draw an illustration.


We are starting to use the six-traits for writing in our classrooms.  Our corporation is using Smekens  to roll these out.  If you ever get a chance to go to a Smekens education conference you should jump on it!  My students are loving rolling out the traits!
Here is Stephanie's Six-Trait board.

We hope you have a great week!

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