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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fun with Eggs (Egg Experiments)

This week has been so fun in kindergarten.  We have been experimenting with EGGS.

I talked my kindergarten colleague into trying this experiment with me.  Our classes came together to watch her STAND ON 36 EGGS!  Yes, you heard that correctly... And, it actually worked.
First, my class predicted how many eggs (out of 36) would crack with this anchor chart.

Then, we prepared the children.  They were so excited.
Look...  She is doing it.  And, only one egg cracked.  (Now when she jumped on them and fell slightly, 6 were cracked.)

 Then, I had one student try to squeeze an egg.  It did not crack.  No matter how hard he squeezed, the egg was so strong.
 Then, I asked Miss Cindy (she is wonderful) to help blow the center of the egg out.  First, we shook the egg to mix up the yolk.  This made it easier to blow out the small hole.  We used a pushpin to put a small hole on each end.  Then, we used a toothpick to make the hole slightly larger on both ends.
 We put the hollow egg into vinegar.  Currently, my class is watching the egg to see what will happen.  This is an excellent prediction activity.
 Each student also put a raw egg into vinegar.  Students have been using their observation journals to document the changes daily.

 The kindergarteners like using the small flashlights to see the changes.  It really is pretty cool.

These are some of the books that I have used during the week.
There is (a lot) more that I need to add to this packet.  However, I already have 20 pages of printables to go with Fun with Eggs.  The price will go up after I add to the packet.  If you purchase now, you will be buying it at a reduced price.


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