Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quotation Stations with a Freebie!

We have been brushing up on our quotation skills the last couple of weeks.   It is such a hard skill for students to grasp in first grade, but once they reach second grade it's like something "clicks" and they can pick it up quickly.  (So don't stress yourselves out first grade teachers!)  Here is our quotation mark anchor chart... we used quotes from our Magic Tree House read aloud that we have been reading.

During stations, we used play-dough to create quotation marks on our sentence cards. 

Then we recorded the sentences correctly on the recording sheet.  I always include these with my stations so I can check for understanding when I am not able to roam the room while students are working.

Later in the week, students roamed the room to rewrite sentences correctly including the quotation marks.  You can also use this activity for scoot or stations.

We also added quotation marks into sentences, rewrote sentences with quotation marks, and created our own sentences with quotation marks.

You can grab up the activities in this packet by clicking the image below...

Here is a quotation mark freebie to get you started!  Click on the image below to download.


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