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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Making the Most of Reading Time with Exit Tickets

Exit tickets are a great way to check on student progress in many different areas of learning.  I often found that during read aloud time and silent reading time I was "disconnected" from some of my students.  During read alouds they may look like they are listening but were spacing out, or when I asked questions while reading they were too timid to give their opinion or answer out loud. During silent reading I often listen to and read with students who are struggling and feel disconnected from students who are on level or above.     

I decided to implement reading exit tickets into these times in order to connect with students again about what they are reading.  I made sure to emphasize that this isn't a "test" (although I do look at them for info as a teacher about where my students are as readers.)  

I love to use these during read aloud time... it is a great way to get students thinking about what you are reading and to avoid the "distracting voice" that can sometimes pop up while you are reading.  

I always let the students know what the exit ticket will be so that they can think about it while I am reading.  After I have read aloud, I pass out the exit tickets and give the students just a couple minutes to jot down their ideas or answers.  

Occasionally, I will use these during silent reading.  I will place a variety of the tickets out in labeled containers so that students can pick an exit ticket that best works for one of the books they read.  I love reading these and getting insight on what students are reading and thinking about during their independent reading.  

I use tubs with labels to help students choose which exit ticket is right for them.

I just ask students to grab one ticket to complete either during or after silent reading.  It's a quick, easy way to check in on reading skills.