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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sale & a Great Product!

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Early this summer, I was a little excited (maybe too excited) to get this in the mail...
... the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener!!! I waited all summer to use it which is kind of hard for a school supply nerd like myself.   Last week, I got out some brand spanking new pencils all from the same box and went to work sharpening.  It was after school and I had a few teachers come in and look at me strangely before asking me why I was sharpening pencils and taking pictures of them...  I just told them it was a "blog thing" and they didn't ask any more questions!

 It looks strange, but it is actually pretty cool and practical.  You pull out the guide and as you sharpen it brings the pencil into the sharpener.  I think this is a big reason why when I compared my pencils from this sharpener to my mechanical sharpener, there was a very noticeable difference in the length.  The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener seemed to sharpen the pencil with less waste!

 This sharpener is super quiet!  My old sharpener was so loud I had to stop teaching if anyone used it. Not only is the sharpener quiet, but the point on it is amazing!  They aren't crooked or uneven....seriously this is one sharp, straight point!
The pencil on the left is sharpened with the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener.  The one on the right is sharpened with a super expensive mechanical pencil sharpener.  The mechanical sharpened pencil is all uneven, not sharp, and way shorter.  The Quietest Pencil Sharpener pencil is perfect!  It's like the model pencil for school supply promos and her ugly step-sister pencil. (She's an evil step-sister so don't go feeling sorry for her.)

You can purchase the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener here at Classroom Friendly Supplies.  It is definitely worth the money!  Not to mention, you can chose from some very cute colors (I wish I had one in every color)!

Go get your sharpener now!  They sell out quickly and then you will have to think about how you should have ordered sooner every time you hear the sound of your other sharpener echoing off the walls!

Happy Sharpening!


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