Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Small Groups and Literacy Stations

I began my small groups and literacy stations!  They are going very well.  I am quite convinced that SLOW and STEADY wins the race.

What I mean by that is...  I have been teaching rules and procedures for several weeks now.  Some examples are: how to get the tub, where to sit with the tub, how to open the tub, what to do when the teacher is working with a group, and how to put the tub away.

Here are a few photos of students working.  The first few photos are of students reading with a partner.  I purchased Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell's Powerful Partnership's Reader's Workshop.  Click the picture to link to the packet.  The students below are reading with their backs against each other.  

The pictures below are when the students "take turns reading".  I asked my students to "fill their partner's bucket" after they read.  If you are not familar with "Bucket Fillers", click the link here.  All it means is to give "one nice comment to their partner" before reading to their partner.

In math, students worked with partners to order numbers 0-20.  The students in the photo are working as a "team" to complete a task.  I was very proud of how well my class worked together.  The numbers pictured to the left are included in my BOY and EOY Kindergarten Benchmark Pack.

The student in the picture is working in a math station independently.  This activity came from Deanna Jump and Julie Lee's School is Fun Literacy and Math Centers for August and September.

This is another student's finished product!  I am so proud of how much effort my students are putting into small groups and stations.

Endless Possibilities,