Saturday, September 22, 2012

Witches Brew Unit

There are two things I wanted to blog about.  The first is not school related, but...  Did you see the Big Brother finale?  I really liked all three final house guests.  What did you think about the ending?

The second, I recently completed my Witches Brew Unit.  I am so excited to have it ready for Halloween!  Here is a preview.

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Keep checking back, because Stephany (my colleague) is working on a massive Halloween Unit!  She showed me a preview today and it is amazing!  I can not wait until she posts it!  If you integrate small groups into your school day, then you will want to check back.  Stephany's unit includes literacy station and writing station activities for small groups and stations.

We are also working on our 500 follower giveaway!  We have some pretty amazing bloggers and TpT teachers who are contributing.  Stay tuned!!

Endless Possibilities,


  1. The witches brew unit looks fabulous! I just added it to my wishlist:)

    The Resourceful Apple

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