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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holly Bloggy Exchange Part 2

It was so much fun participating in the Holly Bloggy exchange over at Teacher Blogger Exchange.

I got to send my gift to Terri in California!  I got her a really cute Christmas travel mug, a peppermint frame, a candle from Bath & Body Works, and some turtles from our local, downtown (and awesome) candy store... You can check out her blog by clicking on her button below!

I got a gift from follower Amy Patte.  She did a really neat 5 senses theme.  She got me a frame for my doggie's pictures and a lanyard for the sense of sight.  For the sense of touch she got me some sweet pea lotion. For the sense of smell she got me a candle and some super cute Kleenex's which I definitely needed this week!  For the sense of hearing she made me some really cute earrings.  For taste she got me some tic-tacs and some yummy peppermint chapstick.  Thanks Amy!

This was so much fun to participate in!  Everyone loves arriving home after a long day to find a package waiting for them on heir doorstep!  Head on over to see what everyone else got!



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