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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom (June 26)

It is Wednesday again!!  It is time for another Wednesday Wisdom topic.  This week's topic is Planning.  Do you have a cool hip plan book or are you a digital planner?  Share you thoughts and any teacher tips on planning.  Link up your post below so that others can also share tips and tricks for planning.
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My planner is a large 3 inch binder.  I usually purchase a durable 5-star brand binder.  I spend a little more on this binder just because I use it so frequently.  The first thing I put in the binder is a 3-ring hole-punched zipper pouch.  I use this pouch to keep my flair pens, a few paper clips, a white out pen, and a few other necessities.


I am a digital diva.  I type my lesson plans into a template each week.  I save the files so that I am able to use, tweak, and add to them.  I add student learning objectives, re-teaching, assessments, and modifications in my plans.  If for some reason I am out of the classroom, a substitute can easily know what is expected.
Stephany also uses the form below to visually organize her literacy and math stations for the week.  She keeps a copy of each page with her past lessons so she can easily flip back and check on what students have worked on and who was in what group for the week. It's easy to see what skills a certain group has worked on when you are differentiating in your stations.  CLICK HERE to go download it for free from GoogleDocs.

I use color-coded tubs to store my materials in each week.  These are the tubs for the "week of".  I have them labeled with the day of the week so that I can sort, store, and organize my materials.  
I have my days of the week color-coded to match my tubs.  I like to be as organized as I can possibily be.  I also have file folders with the same colors to match each day.  I use blue for Monday, red for Tuesday, yellow for Wednesday, orange for Thursday, and green for Friday.  
You can also use a crate with file folders.  Stephany has use this system before to organize.  She has two plastic file folders of each color.  The tabs are labeled Monday AM, Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM and so on.  She copies all of papers for the week and places them in the file folders along with read-alouds and anything else she needs for that week.

I also keep a six drawer roll cart with the days of the week labeled for the following weeks ahead.  This helps for future planning and keeps my lesson materials organized.  They can pretty much be purchased anywhere.  Here are some I have found that work from Office Depot and Hobby Lobby.

Below is the finished product of how the labels fit onto the drawer organizer.  All of these tips help me when I plan.  I hope there are a few tips and tricks you can link up below and maybe a few you are able to use from this post.

Don't forget to link up your own ideas and tips for planning down below!  Everyone's ideas are welcome!  (Also don't forget about our Play-Doh activity Giveaway that we have going on right now!)

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  1. LOVE your organization!! SO happy to have found your super cute blog & be your newest follower :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for clever ways to keep myself and my kiddos organized!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  3. I love the color coding idea! I have the same black storage drawers for my weekly materials and it works beautifully! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would like to link up for future wisdom Wednesdays!After 23 years in the classroom, I would say I am older and wiser! :)I'm following with Bloglovin!
    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. I love the rotation chart. I've been looking for something similar. I think that will work for me.

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  5. I am so happy that I found your blog! I love your organization ideas. I used to use the colored tubs to plan but the papers wouldn't stay straight, I don't know I just didn't love it... But I DO love your idea of using the drawer organizer! Do you have those labels on your TPT store?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, the labels are in my "theme" packs. The ones shown in this post are in the original Rock Star Theme Pack. The entire packet has the same colors (blues, greens, reds). This is the theme pack that I am using in my classroom this year.

  6. I love your ideas for organizing! I use the colored tubs already, but I am color coding my plan book to match. Thanks for the idea! Following you :)

    Read With Me ABC

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