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Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm Having a Baby!


Yes!!  I am due for a possible induction in about two weeks.  I spent some time over spring break preparing for my maternity sub.  First, I purchased a one-inch binder.  I created a cover that matches all of the items and labels that I will be using for my substitute.
Next, I created pages for each section of the binder.  I put in the sections that I felt were most important.  The pages are in plastic page protectors for durability.


Then, I made a template of basic lesson plans for each day.  I created one page for each day of the week.  The times and basic information for each subject is listed.

I decided I should create an updated student contact information book for the substitute teacher.  This way, student information is easy accessible and accurate.

 I put all of the material for each week into weekly tubs.  This way, the substitute teacher can grab the tub and have all the material and resources for the week together.

 Inside each tub, I attached matching labels with basic information.  I use Kim Adsit's Reader's Workshop.  I used plastic protectors to hold each week's information.

Hello Two Peas in a Pod's Daily Phonological Awareness is absolutely wonderful.  I printed each lesson plan for the months of April and May.  I put the plan in the picture book.  Finally, I labeled with the Phonological Awareness label to the front of the book.

I also use Randi's Daily Sentence Editing books in my classroom.  After printing each week, I added a label to explain how to use them daily.

Whew!!  That is a lot of organizing and labeling.  I am more at ease to go on maternity leave and am confident my students will continue with most of the classroom procedures and daily lessons that I have been using all year.

If you are looking for the Long Term Substitute Binder pages, please check it out here for FREE.

Endless Possibilities,


  1. This is amazing. I don't have kids and praying that one day I will and LOVE how organized this is. I will have to remember this. Thanks for the ideas! :) And congratulations!! I know you are excited and ready!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Wow, you are super organized! Congratulations on your upcoming baby. Enjoy your time off.

  3. Um, WOW! I feel super bad for my sub now--because I did NOT leave her all of that! Not any plans, actually...just directions! You are sooooo organized, and I wish I could be!!!! So amazing. Congratulations!

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