Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tracking Mastery & Reteaching

I think over the course of the last few years I have had tuned, retuned, and re-retuned how I track standard mastery in my classroom a million times.  It's hard to find a way that isn't totally time confusing and one that you don't have to have a road map drawn out for evaluators to understand.  You know what I am talking about... "Well I mark an X here and then highlight in pink for every time they fail but only if I retaught it twice.. but the purple check mark means that they mastered the pre-test....  This paper over here is the results of the second assessment after the pre-assessment and a green highlight means that they mastered it but if it's just half green that means they barely mastered it..." and by the end of the explanation everyone is looking at you like you are nuts. 

I came up with these super easy tracking sheets for mastery of the first grade Common Core Math Standards.  Basically there are 4 columns for each of the math standards.  If they master it on the first try, they get a check and I highlight it yellow.  If they master it after that they get a check and a pink highlight.  If you decide to reassess the whole class then they will just have a bunch of lovely checks... if you only assess a few after small group reteaching.. they just get the check in that column.  It's pretty easy to see this and know automatically by color of highlights who is struggling each time you teach a skill.  It's also super easy to see what standards you can reteach and what kids need pulled over during that reteaching time.  Basically, once you earn that check no matter if it is yellow or pink... you have shown mastery of that skill.  
You can download these tracking sheets for free in my TpT store!  Just click on the image below!

How do you keep track of mastery, reteaching and all that super time confusing but necessary data?  Leave a comment and share your ideas!! 


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