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Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day and Spring Break!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the start of Spring Break with some Leprechaun Trap fun today!  I had students bring in boxes or containers this week to build their leprechaun traps in the classroom.  Let me just say that this involved some mess and teamwork.  In our classroom it just works better to make the traps in our classroom instead of at home.  We first made a plan of what we wanted our traps to look like...
Then we built the traps with some of the supplies we had on hand from our craft closet combined with the containers and boxes we had brought from home.  Then we put our traps out to catch a leprechaun while we went to recess...
There were some very eager students who spent recess time watching the classroom windows to see if the leprechaun would make his way in through one of the open windows.  This should be a lesson in mass hysteria because what started with a few students ended up being many after some "leprechaun sightings."
 While we were at lunch the leprechaun made his way into the classroom and through the traps.   He also left a hefty amount of gold glitter in our classroom....which the Kindergarten teachers found HILARIOUS{if you know what I mean...meaning maybe I should start locking my classroom door :)} including my teacher chair which was covered with glitter and we came back to a letter from Lenny...
And we had a little treat from Lenny at the end of the day... afterwards we cleaned up the glitter left by "Lenny" and even shared our treat with the Kindergarten teachers despite their own trickery!
 You can grab up this Leprechaun Trap packet at TpT which will be on sale this week....
I sent the kiddos home with this little treat... my Spring Break Brain Boost... more on that later this weekend!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

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