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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tell Me More Linky

It is time for another “Alliteration Link-up”.

This time we are focusing on the letter P.  (I can not believe it is almost April already.)

Here is what we want to know...

PLAYLIST- What kind of music do you play for your students?  What is on your “PLAYLIST”?  What do you use to “calm them down” or “pep them up”?
PLANT- What is your favorite PLANT?  Do you keep plants in your classroom?  How do you teach plants to your students?  Do you grow plants in your classroom?
PRODUCT-  What currently is your favorite PRODUCT?  Let’s be fair...  Choose one of your own and one of someone else.

I will begin.....

1.  PLAYLIST-  My favorite CD that I play daily during silent reading time is called Tropical Relaxation.  It is so relaxing and the kids always sigh when I turn it off.  I also like Dr. Jean’s All Day Long.  I have many of the songs from Dr. Jean’s CD on my playlist and organized in order for the morning meeting.  The kiddos need a routine and the music helps establish an easy routine for the students.  Click either picture below to link to the CD.

2.  PLANTS-  I love plants!  I currently have several spring plants in my dining room.  The Easter Lily is so beautiful!!  I always pick one up because they smell fabulous.

I also put some spring bulbs in a blue vase on my dining room table.  I have no idea how I will get the bulbs out when I am ready to plant them, but for now they look good.

I also have my son’s beanstalk.  :)  I am having trouble keeping it alive.  Coy wants to water it daily.  It is a bit over-watered.  :)

Not only do I love plants, but I have a free Plant Emergent Reader that you can grab by clicking here.

3.  PRODUCT-  I first want to promote my fellow bloggers Ladybug Math and Literacy ActivitiesStephany’s Ladybug Activities are fabulous!!

The packet includes 2 Poems, Ladybug Life Cycle Cut & Paste Activity, Label that Ladybug, 2 Venn Diagrams, Sentence Editing Activity, Measurement Activity, and MUCH MORE.  I am already excited to use it when we investigate insects.

Another product that I LOVE is Randi’s Daily Sentence Editing Packets.  I am currently using April’s Editing Sentences.  Even though they are aligned for first grade students, by kindergarteners are in the habit of completing them daily.  It has become part of our daily routine.  Randi has included more than checklist in the packet for differentiation.


I want to announce the winners of my Earth Day Literacy Unit.  The winners are...

Congratulations to Nicole at A Frenzy of Fun in 1st GradeAlicia, and  Jessica G. at Literacy Spark.  I will be emailing you the Earth Day Literacy UnitFeel free to share pictures of your kiddos working on the activities on your blog.  If you didn't win, you can still pick up your copy y clicking the link below.

Now it’s your turn!!  Share what you have on your classroom PLAYLIST.  Share what you love about PLANTS.  Last, promote one of your own products and a PRODUCT that you use on a regular basis in your classroom.
Thank you for linking up and remember to check back as we will be making this an on-going link-up.

Endless Possibilities,


  1. Thanks so much! I can't wait to use this unit with my little ones when we get back! :) YEAH!!!

    A Frenzy of Fun in 1st Grade

  2. I'm using that emergent reader when we come back from Spring break!! :) Thanks!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten

  3. This post makes me sneeze just reading it! I'm very allergic to lillies and hyacinths--I can almost smell them through your post! Thanks for the emergent reader. We'll use that when we get back from Spring Break!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  4. Thanks for hosting! It was really fun! =)