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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guided Math Book Study: Chapter 8

Assessment is essential in the Guided Math classroom because the results help you decide the grouping of your students and the skills that your students need to work on.  After assessing students and reviewing the results, you can change your groupings so that students can be retaught skills that they struggled with and students who mastered the skill can move on to a new one!

Teachers should constantly be reviewing data both formal and informal to make sure students are getting the most of their math instruction!

I use quick math assessments to find out if my students are mastering skills.  Each assessment is just 5-10 questions and give me a pretty accurate and quick glimpse on mastery.  I have pre-assessments and then 3 additional assessments in the same format.  By using these, I can graph student progress accurately.  

I also use informal assessment tools such as observations, quick response questions for the class, and data from apps and computer programs to assess the progress of students as I am teaching.

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