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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It: WEEK 6

I am just barely making in for Monday Made It!  I think that the stress of seeing so many people getting so much done in the classrooms already is making me slack even more!  This week, I started a whole new project and also took an old discard and up-cycled it for my classroom!

This lamp was totally in the pile to be donated for about three years.  I always seemed to put it aside when I made trips to donate because I was thinking someday I would do something with it.   I thought maybe I could up-cycle it for the use in my classroom library.  It would be just the right size and add a little bit of light!   The fabric I covered the lamp shape in is much cuter in person. 

Next up was this box (originally a wooden planter) I picked up at JoAnne's.  It was actually marked out of inventory so they gave it to me for 7 dollars.  I gave it a quick spray paint.  
While it was drying, I painted the letters READ white.  Next, I used some chevron and polka dot washi tape to cover the letters and trimmed them up with a razor blade (very carefully)!  

Finally, I hot glued them on the front and added a strip of washi tape to the top.  This will sit on top of my library shelf with some of my favorite books in side!  

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