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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Guided Math Study: Chapter 7

Conferencing with students is a great way to find out how your students "think" when it comes to math!  During math conferences, you can really listen to how a student works through a problem and where they may be making a mistake.  You can also give examples or demonstrate different ways of solving a problem and switch up your teaching in the future to meet the needs of your students. 

Making a record of your math conferences is an important aspect of the conferences.  This allows the teacher to keep track of what students may need to be checked in on later!

Making time for math conferences can be difficult, especially with the increased focus on mandatory reading blocks.  Many times Math is placed where it can "fit" in.  Having a set time for math conferences and keeping a schedule of math conferences helps make sure you reaching all of your students.   The frequency of how much I work with each student varies on ability.  Students who master standards and work at a higher level are seen less, while those who struggle are seen more often

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