Friday, July 25, 2014

PIrate Classroom Reveal

I have completely changed my classroom theme again this year.  I am changing from Rock Star to Pirate.  I loved my Rock Star classroom; but there is something about changing it year after year that keeps me motivated and excited about starting a new school year.  I am not completely finished, but here is a sneak peek at what I have so far.
Click the picture below to make your pirate themed organizational clips.
Click the pictures below to print a copy of the data cards that I will be using to track kindergarten student data this year.

I also created these pirate themed behavior expectations that we will review each day.

Stay tuned for more classroom reveals...  I went into school today and I can't wait for Stephany to share all the things she has been painting and Kathi's door is "Super" fun too!!

Endless Possibilities,


  1. LOVE the pirate theme!!! It is so cute :)


    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you. I am super excited about it. I just need to get my door covered with a cute Pirate Theme. :)

  2. I get to change my theme a bit this year too, but that's because I'm moving from 3rd to 1st...doing hot air balloons this year! :)

    Little In Betweens
    (formerly Teach on a Limb)

    1. Hot air balloons will be sooo fun. I'd love to see pictures when you're done.