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Friday, March 23, 2012

Kindergarten Classroom

I like visiting other blogs to see how primary teachers display student work in their classrooms.  I have included some pictures of my classroom in this post.  The palm tree in the picture was inspired from Mrs. Jump's Blog.  Click here to view the directions from her site.  I use the palm tree to display student vocabulary.  You may notice the Frayer model chart next to the tree.  The Frayer model is used to introduce vocabulary.

The rainbow behavior chart was inspired from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.  Click here to see how she uses it in her classroom.  I use it with our school-wide PBIS system.  It is a positive visual for my kiddos to view behavior.  When students complete their rainbow, they get to visit the "pot of gold".  The pot of gold is what I call the prize box.
Learning Objectives

I created this posterboard to display my daily learning objectives.  The sentence strips are dry-erase.  It makes it easy to change daily.

The "Neato-Cheeto" board is used to display student work.  Before I begin, I tell my kiddos, "This paper is for a Neato-Cheeto".  If a student does his/her best work, I stamp it with a NEATO.  (I had the stamp custom made.)  The student then gets to display his/her work on the Neato board.  Lastly, the student gets to visit the Cheeto canister to get 2 Cheetos to eat!  What child wouldn't be motivated for Cheetos?
Endless Possibilities, Stephanie


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